what a joke!!

Here i am puffing away like a darn puffa fish from finding nemo, i ring GP surgery to get an appointment (the are first point of call after all). Receptionist -sorry no appointments (what all day). So i ask about the asthma nurse-sorry shes busy to. Ok great well what am i supposed to do then...receptionist response, ring at 0830 tomorrow am...

...Next i try my consultant and resp nurse at hosp...no answer on their phone or emails...

What is the point in all these services if no one is there to help...all i want them for is blinking advice...yet no one around...


(dont worry people the next line is a and e if i get no response within the daylight hours so to speak when all the services are open and meant to help...either way i will be semi fix by the time the night is out...just frustrates me with peoples attitudes sometimes....im meant to have a flag on my name at the GP surgery so the minute i mention asthma there supposed to make an appointment out of thin air even if there is none...funny that plan hasnt worked at this new stupid surgery...argh anyway rant over)


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  • That is so frustrating when that happens isn't it.

    Are there no emergency appointments left?

  • Aparently they dont do emergency appointments!! My mum has rang and told them whats the point in putting a flag system in place if they dont use it...the receptionts comment to her was...your daughter can come sit at the surgery at 1630 and wait and see if a doc can see her...or if she gets worse tell her to come up at 1430 and explain the situation at reception...mhmmm what so i can see you face to face the nit wit...im trying to remain calm, cant you tell lol

    Laughter...best form of medicine!!


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