First appointment with the specialist!

Hi all, thanks to everyone who sent me a message to say they were thinking of me today. My appt went really well. My CT scan showed severe asthma. The Dr has put me on symbicort 400 along with my usual salbutamol & ventolin nebs. It is thick fog here & raining so my lungs were really playing up by the time I saw him which was good as he could hear/see what I am living with. I am going back in two mths to see how it is going & to have lung function tests done. My pharmacist wants to see me in a week to see how the symbicort is going. I am relieved it is over & just wanted to let you all know.



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  • Glad your appointment went well. My CT scan showed severe asthma as well as some scarring in my lungs. I think it is a relief when you see the evidence right there on the screen and you know that it isn't all in your head and your not going loopy.

    I am also on Symbicort and it is amazing stuff.

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Wendy. You are right it is a relief to see it. I cant wait to start the Symbicort & feel better. Hope you are coping sweetie.



  • I'm relieved that it went well. Good luck with the new meds

  • Thanks TS.



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