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hey i am getting out of hosp on leave next tuesday for my grannys funeral

i wanted to share something about my granny she was also an asthmatic

although her asthma was not so bad she coughed everyday but she would say it is not that bad and she always was there for me and everyone else

she has always come when i have been in hosp in the worst possible way even in intensive care unit

she would sit by my side holding my hand

sorry for my ranting and moaning

and hugs for all of you

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It sounds as though you and your Granny were very close and that she has supported you through your asthma issues, life and no doubt has passed on some of her wisdom from life experiences.

Although it will be a difficult day for you and your family next Tuesday at your Gran funeral, I hope you manage to get through the day OK.


Glad you get to go and say your goodbyes.She sounds a lovely grann.When i lost my nan she was my world.I made a blanket for her and always went over heq knees.I put it over her and was buried with it.I wear her wedding ring.She was the last ellis so i changed my name by a solisitor and had ellis as my middle name. you will have lots of Memories and will be in your heart always.Take care and hope you are well enough on the day xxx welcome pm me anytime xxx


Sounds like you have many happy memories of your granny. Let them carry you through the bad times.


I was not close to either of my grandmothers and rarely saw them. I did not attend their funerals. I am sad now to think of what I missed. You were fortunate to have had a really close relationship with your granny and you will always have memories to treasure. Best wishes for next Tues.


Don't apologise for ranting or moaning, this forum is here for support as well as advice and you're having a tough time.

I never knew any of my grandparents and feel I missed out. Yours sounds lovely and she was obviously a big presence in your life so it must be very hard to say goodbye to her but you will get through it. Going to the funeral may actually help, in an odd way - and it won't be quite as hard as you're thinking right now, though of course it's not going to be easy - but things get a little bit better after you've had that marker, even though you're still grieving.

I know we didn't know your granny but feel free to share anything else about her on here if you'd like - sometimes you just really want to talk about how great someone was and it might be hard with your family as they will be grieving too.

I hope it goes ok and that you are out of hospital properly soon. xxx


really glad to hear that they are giving you special leave to go see your fmily and be there for your Granny. i am so sorry that you are so poorly and that you havent been able to be there while she wasnt well. i am glad to hear that you have so many happy memories of the times that you spent with her and the things that she said. lots of hugs all the way from the isle of man to you and your family. get better soon and take care. ><> x


Your granny must've been so proud to have a grandchild like you. My thoughts will be with you on Tuesday, and I hope you will be able to feel her close whenever you need her. xx


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