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Further treatment options?

MY eldest daughter is 6 and her asthma which started off mild is progressing quite quickly.

She is now on Seretide and montelukast and has needed 7 courses of Pred during the last 12 months.

Her consultant today said that if she is not much better in 3 months, then we will need to look at further treatment options and that she is already on maximum preventer meds.

Does anyone know what could be the next line of attack for this horrible condition?

My youngest daugher is on maintenance pred but im adamant that my eldest is nowhere near this stage just yet.

Xolair is not licensed for a 6 yr old so what is?!

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add on such as atrovent may be worth trialling. xolair is a major jump and all she needs is get things settled so maybe maintenance pred for a short term would be worth considering.




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