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I'm currently dealing with 'salbutamol shakes' and slightly dodgy breathing.

I've been to my running club tonight but possibly shouldn't have done :-( Maybe i wasn't fully recovered from Sunday's 10k reindeer run even though i *thought* i was.

You can choose to run any distance from 2-5 miles and i usually do 4 and am normally ok with it. Tonight i couldn't keep up with the 4 miles group :-( We always stop after about 1 mile to regroup and i could feel my breathing wasn't right then. I didn't say anything but i did have my inhaler.

Immediately after we'd crossed the main road we started running again i was *just about* keeping up with the 4 miles group but struggling more and more. The leader near the back of the group realised she was losing me and stopped until i caught up, she asked did i want to carry on with them or wait for the 3 mile group to catch up - cos it was at that point the 3s & 4s were splitting. i decided to wait for the 3s and she waited with me, she said it was probably a good idea cos my breathing seemed quite laboured. When the 3s caught up (there were only about 4 of them) they all decided to do 4 instead so the leader of the 3s stayed with me.

She asked was i asthmatic / did i have my spray with me / had i used it / did i want to walk and at that point all i could do was nod yes to her answers. While i was struggling to breathe & talk she seemed quite concerned and asked did i want her to ring someone to pick us / me up to take me home :-o I managed to say that my car was at the leisure centre (about 1.5 miles away!). After we'd walked a while and i had another 2 puffs of the inhaler i was able to run again but at a much slower pace than before.

She stayed with me all the way back to the leisure centre and part-way back we even met up with the 4 miles group - who then passed us LOL I was grateful to her for staying with me and at least i did get back even if i did a mile less than i'd originally intended.

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Quite impressive that you manage such a distance, good on you, personally I d never make have that distance. Sorry you re shaky though * sends a virtual hug* Hope you are on the mend soon. Take care.


thanks jasmine.

i now know I *really* shouldn't have gone to running club on wednesday - i'm still coughing enough for people to keep commenting, the (minimally musical) teacher of one of my classes even noticed & commented today that i'd had to breathe where i don't normally in something i was playing on my flute.

It's odd, my main symptom is an annoying cough and i guess i probably *could* manage without my inhaler but for about half an hour after i've had it my breathing is definitely easier then it begins going downhill. I'm taking my inhaler every couple of hours or so but thankfully i *have* managed to avoid using it in the presence of pupils.

I'm supposed to be doing a 5k santa dash on sunday but this year i suspect it may be more of a santa dawdle rather than dash :-(


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