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Pointless Post LOL

Yes this is a rather pointless post but thought i'd do it anyway

I did my normal 4k run this morning (followed by swim) but instead of the coughing, gasping voiceless mess i usually am after a run, this morning i felt great :-D I did have a couple of puffs of reliever but i was able to talk to people and wasn't recognised by my cough in the leisure centre as is my normal sunday morning.

i then did 64 lengths of front crawl in 45 minutes and still continued to feel good :-D

result!! :-D

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Well done jinglfairy!! Not a pointless post at all, it is lovely to hear from someone achieving something we are all aiming for, well controlled asthma and being active and healthy... Well done you!!

Jac xx


Well done and thanks for sharing this. Made me smile.



That is great news well done, I can only agree with what the others' have already said that this is not a pointless post.


thanks guys, i was just so pleased with the non-consequences of my run that in a way i wanted to shout about it :-) I run every sunday but normally suffer for it, yesterday i was so surprised. It bodes well for my 2 organised runs i'm taking part in soon - a 10k one week and 5k the following week :-)


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