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Self-inflicted suffering

I did the 10k RNLI reindeer run at knowsley safari park this morning. It was great fun but i'm feeling it now. I was fine for over 6k but then it sort of hit me in both my legs and chest! I could see the 7k marker but just couldn't keep going. I stopped running and walked for a while and also took my reliever. After i'd walked for about 5-10 minutes I was then able to start running again. I then ran most of the way for the rest of the event (except for a very steep slippery downwards bit of the woods). I finished the run in 1hr 17 mins 21secs which i was actually quite pleased with :-)

I had to use my inhaler again once i'd finished and unfortunately now the effects are only lasting a couple of hours and i have a permanent slight case of ""salbutamol shakes"". Ah well, it might take me a day or 2 to fully recover but i know i will. Then i get to do similar next sunday when i do the 5k liverpool santa dash :-)

*off topic bit now

We drove through the safari park after the run and after umming and ahhing whether to do the car-friendly route or go through the monkey enclosure i decided to go and see the baboons up close. My car got attacked!!! One of the baboons managed to pull off a strip at the edge of my windscreen - the little monster!!! I've put it back on as best i can and from a quick look you couldn't tell but i'm not sure if my windscreen is watertight now - i guess i'll find out when it rains!!!! Up to now i'm not working on wednesday so i'll go to the garage then and see what they say.

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Haha that could have been the title for my Pilates post if you hadn't got there first...

I am impressed that you got through a 10k run and you're signing up for more next weekend? That is dedication...or madness, depending on how you view it ;) Good to know it's possible though for an asthmatic to be doing this, even if I am never going to go near it however well controlled I might be in the future.

PS good luck with getting your car fixed. We were always warned about the monkey jungle at Longleat.


Hi Philomena

yes it's definitely madness haha I think EVERY one of my family / friends / acquaintances would say so!!

I'm happy to say i'm fully recovered today :-) I even managed to do 50 lengths of the pool in about 35minutes :-o

Yesterday wasn't a particularly good day, though not as bad as sunday. My 'salbutamol shakes' were still slightly evident in my piano lesson but at least it didn't prevent me playing like it did on sunday :-)

My friend who did the 10k with me but hasn't done ANY training said his legs are still really sore today hahaha

We had an enormous rain / hail storm earlier and i'm pleased to say my windscreen *seems* to still be watertight though i will go to the garage tomorrow to check / see what he says


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