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Omron Microair

Hi all :)

I'm not sure I'm going to be able to phrase this right so anyone will know what Im talking about but still Ill give it a whirl! I bought an omron microair (which incidently is really very nice, so quiet you cant even hear it working!) for the festival season/camping but although I love its operation, im struggling with the technique of using it and wondered if anyone had any tips... ?!?!?!?

My standard NHS one has a two way airpiece so you can breathe in and out of the mouthpiece without a problem... However with the microair, the instructions suggest you shouldnt breathe into the mesh cap and therefore I have been breathing in and then turning it off and taking it away to breathe out ... this is good for reducing meds waste but it doesnt seem to be as quick in relieving symptoms because its not a steady process as it were.....

Perhaps omron need to make a separate mouthpiece for it which is 2 way, or I guess I could use the mask... Just wondering how everyone else finds it and if anyone had any tips?!?!?! I'm sure its just technique....

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I would suggest you use the face mask that came with it because you can then breathe in and out.

I have never used the other part i always use the face mask as it is easier and you can just relax and use it.



I discovered yesterday that the two-way mouthpiece from my hospital nebuliser fits onto the Omron perfectly!


Thanks guys :) If the mouth piece on my bulky omron doesnt fit on then i'll use the face mask in future! Thats exactly what I need to do is relax and get on with it... its enough trying to breathe let alone co-ordinating it!!!!!


I use mine same way as I use my NHS one with mouthpiece - do lose more meds but doesn't seem to have badly affected mesh - touch wood!


Well I have had the same Omron Microair for 6 years, used it like an ordinary neb, no problems ever, never even had to buy replace parts. Perhaps I am just lucky.


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