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Your asthma in three years time

It’s World Asthma Day today and has made me think about the future.

Where do you think you’ll be with your asthma and treatments in three years time?

Better? The same? Or worse?

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Very good answer Bex . I'd like to think the same !!


Hope is they only thing alot of us have left and faith in medical research!!

Andrea xxx


3 years? Heh, well what has changed in the last three years? Scratch that, what has changed in the last 10 years?

I don't think theres _ever_ going to be a magical wonder-drug that cures asthma, but people do sometimes get better, or learn ways to cope with it and get by. There is hope for all.


Thought I'd add a cheerful post, not so much where will things be in 3 years but what has happened over last few years.

Had a couple of years of asthma going silly - long term pred, hossie adminssions, restricted in what i could do, giving up various activities/vol work/pt job, putting on loads of weight as side effect, I took my last pred tablet on Easter day and lungs are still fine.

Just as I have no idea what started it being silly, I have no idea why it is behaving now.

But just to give an example: it doesnt always have to get worse, and if it does get worse it doesnt always have to stay that way - it can get better.


Thanks for that Ali - it is indeed very cheering to hear how things can turn around.

For me, well, 3 years ago I was coming to terms with a vague diagnosis of probable asthma... the last 3 years have seen me get things under control and mostly stay that way - until 6 months ago... so may be I can do that again soon.



Reaslistically like already said cahnces of a cure unlikely but having been to see a cons who works in research it was an inspritation and great to hear some of the things that they are trying and new treatments that are being trialed.

So in three years I hope that some of them will be readily available to those that need them to improve control of their asthma and chest related issues to make life more bearable.


I don't see why things *couldn't* change in the next three years. Or three months. Or whenever. I'm sure in 1929 people were sitting around thinking, ""There's no way we're ever going to be able to cure scarlet fever, or whooping cough""...etc etc. The a few months later some bloke called Alexander Fleming found a mouldy melon on his doorstep and, with development from Florey and Chain, within a few years we had penicillin.

Sixty years or so later and boffins managed to wipe out small pox, not to mention protecting millions of people against fatal diseases such as polio, measles, and tetanus.

Medicine is constantly evolving (I bloomin' know, I have to keep running to just stay level with it). As Speedy says, there are new things being trialled all the time - you never know what's round the corner.


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