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Not sure how long to wait

So now I've been diagnosed (yay!) I'm confused again!

How long should I wait for the montelukast to keep doing its job? It's definitely working and so is the Ventolin now (it didn't before) and my PF went right up then down a little.

However, I seem to need quite a lot of reliever, especially at night. I wouldn't call what I have now proper control, but it's definitely better than I was without any medication. I'm just not sure how long to leave it before going back to GP. I do have a resp physio appt on Monday but that's supposed to be for 'breathing pattern disorder' - she doesn't know about the asthma because my cons said I don't have it.

Obviously will be telling physio (eek, wonder how she will react to whole 'cons said no GP said yes' thing). But not sure when I should be pestering GP - want to let the medication do its work before I go back and moan at him, but equally would like to be more controlled - however after going uncontrolled for so long I have no sense of how long I need to allow for things to settle down!

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Am I not sure either maybe the physio will be helpfull?


tyber28, I saw your PM but I can't reply as you've opted not to receive PMs. If you want me to PM you back there is a box at the bottom of your profile which you can tick.

Otherwise I could try to keep it general and reply on here?



I think they usually say to give singulair 6 weeks to get the full benefit. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.


I was told by my respiratory consultant to allow at least three months to see how a new drug works for you, by that time you should know one way or the other.


Thanks! Hope not 3 months...I've heard 6 weeks as well TS. Still, it's better than before, I'm just a bit lost because it's clearly not controlled yet and I don't know when you have to just wait (I am impatient, I admit it) and when you're supposed to be doing something about not being controlled. I'm also not on any other kind of preventer which I suspect is a bit weird as usually montelukast gets added on doesn't it? So probably in a bit of an odd situation and will just have to see.

tbh I suspect the problem may be resolved for me as at this rate I will run out of reliever well before 6 weeks are up so will have to go back anyway and can ask then.


When I started taking Montelukast it took 6 weeks to take effect.


My consultant knew I had been on montelukast for six weeks previously and had stopped it because it didn't seem to be working, but put me on it again and asked me to take it for longer. He said it can take longer to see the effect if you are uncontrolled (I'm probably misquoting him but that was the gist of it!)

I am still on it after two months and I do think it is helping, I'm finally needing less reliever.

I'd just go back and see your GP though - sounds like you have a lovely one and if you have concerns you are well within your rights to discuss them!


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