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Intal - clogging problem

A question for the 'elite' of Intal users on here - anyone had a problem with sudden clogging? Mine aren't lasting two weeks as they're meant to as they keep clogging up and nothing comes out. I've tried making sure I switch the cases, and washing them as you're meant to but it doesn't seem to help, unless I'm still not doing it enough - but this didn't happen before. It seems to be the nozzle on the actual canister that's the problem, and I've tried clearing this as it's jammed with powder but nothing doing!

Could this be a bad batch? Anyone had this problem before, and if so what did you do? Grrr this is one of those times I wish the inhaled steroids worked for me. I can't even tell if the Intal's doing anything, though I suspect it may just take a while for the effect to wear off.

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I gave up on it for that reason ..... That was Ooohhh about 26 years ago. Hated when u scooshed it and the cloggs of instal hit the back of your throat .... But like eating wet sherbet ..... I used to start a new one as no matter how much u cleaned it when it was clogged nothing shifted it


Thanks Gussypoo - good to know not just me! I had to give up before and start a new one but weird thing is it didn't happen before so was wondering if it was a bad batch! At least I have plenty of spares in the cupboard.


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