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'Imaginary' mucus?

I know coughing up lots of mucus is common for asthma. I don't have that, but sometimes (had it before, and for last couple of days along with slightly more noisy breathing than usual) I get the sensation that there might be something there that wants to come up - but it never actually does.

Have mentioned it to doctors before but they've never said anything about what it could be, usually when I say it they listen to my chest and nothing there as ever, so think it's probably not an infection.

Not worried, but wondering if I'm freaky in this respect as well or if it sounds familiar to anyone?

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I 100% get this to!

Very annoying, some docs have lookd at me very strange when i try and explain it to them also!

or i get it where i have lots of mucus, but they cant hear anything on my chest...yet i could produce a sample within seconds of them asking for it.


Thanks for reply, good to know I'm not a freak! At least, not in that respect lol, lungs otherwise freaky. Never have had anything at all come up so was beginning to wonder if it was imaginary, hence thread title.

Sometimes I think doctors just ignore weird things like this that they can't explain - even if it's nothing I wish they'd acknowledge it!


I get this too! but mine does eventually come up with physio! i hate trying to explain it to docs, they look at you as if your crazy.....


Definately not strange, I get that too, feels rattly almost sometimes and I never wheeze.


Yes I get this too, lungs feel ""full"", chest tight and ventolin doesn't relieve it. Often feel like this when I wake up. Usually when I get up and start moving around I have a period of coughing which then clears it.


OK, really not uncommon then! Mine is very slight hence why I thought I was imagining it - does make me cough but I have never brought anything up and assumed mucus wasn't an issue.

Have been feeling slightly manky today, can hear breathing more than usual - this pred appears to be having the opposite effect from what it's meant to do! Contemplated calling NHS Direct just for advice on how to feel better but what would they do except be cautious and send me to OOH who can't really do anything (I said this to my GP and she agreed - I was kind of hoping she would have a suggestion about what to do but apparently not).

I'm not that bad - if I were I'd be getting help, just at that in-between stage and thinking nothing anyone can do! Hope you're all okish and not coughing/mucusing too much.


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