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hey i am feeling happy and down

even though i am in hospital

i am still a happy girl

i have made new friends one who has

cf like me and another who has asthma

it is no secret but i dont really have

any friends nobody wants to be friends

with coz of my illness and slow people down

but at least the 2 i have met today

dont care about me not being able to run

or play sports sorry for the rant and the long post

feeling a bit down and happy

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hey sweetie

it's a sad fact of life that people rarely look beyond the disability. i made some fantastic friends when i was in hospital having my first LO. and they've stayed wtih me through 2 more pregnacies, even though they've moved away. (gotta love facebook!!)

i know i'm older than you but if you ever want a chat just drop me a message :)

Geina xx


Glad you've been able to make friends honey...your new friends will understand if you can't do stuff I'm sure. Sorry you're in hospital again but look what a lovely thing has come out of it :)


I was in different hospitals most of my childhood and know how lonely it is. I didnt go to school (properly) until I was about 12! So it's nice you've got some new friends AND you can come on here. (And I know what you mean about feeling happy and down!). xxx


Great to see you finding something positive in your hospital stay. Very much hope that you and your new friends will be able to get together when you've all got out of hospital.

Take care



I know that feeling of being happy and down at the same time - good description!

It's great to hear that you've made friends in hospital, but I'm sorry that you struggle to make friends outside hospital. I hope that changes - I've never found that people don't want to be friends with me, but maybe I've been lucky in meeting people who don't care all that much about playing sport!

One thing that I've found very helpful is photography. Even though I'm not able to join in with a lot of the things that my friends do, I tend to go along anyway and take my camera, so I'm still spending time with my friends, and they always love having the photographs afterwards. That's one way of participating in sports day, for example - even if you don't run in the races, you can still take part with your camera.

I hope that you're starting to feel better, and that you can get out of hospital soon.


I know wht you mean about friends.... when I got asthma was at uni but then had to leave before finishing and lost contact with allot of people manly before I left as got fed up of seeing me in hospital (I didn't have any other vistors when was up there) now home lost conact with people that lived here before I went. I now have allot more friends over the internet mainly from here that just text each other and some I have met they seem to understand better and dont mind listening to rants. i do have few non-asthmatic friends that I do see. I have even become friends with people I been on the ward with (one lady we always end up together and built a friendship that way!)

Have alook a Over the Wall, the run camps like Kick Asthma for people up to I think 17 with illnesses like CF and have a good ration of carers and run about 7 camps a year in Midlands, dorset and Scotland. They try get over disabilities to allow to do everything


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