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hi i have swine flu at the mo,my son who is 5 has very bad asthma, i do't know what to do. i have got my tamiflu, but should my son have it as well? i have tried to contact flu line which says to contact my gp and the office staff at the gp s keep saying to rign flu line! i have tried to explain this to the office staff. after having a BIG go at them she said that she will get someone to ring me back.WHAT DO PEOPLE ON HERE THINK? SHOULD MY SON BE GIVEN TAMIFLU?please help as i feel to unwell to keep fighting to day!

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Your 5 year old son being given Tamiflu right now, won't help as it doesn't vaccinate against the disease. Its an anti viral drug, so just lessens the symptoms. Understandably right now its quite a worrying time because your son suffers with bad asthma. Hopefully he will not get it, but of course if he does get in touch with your gp/asthma nurse asap if his Asthma gets worse.

Hope you are better soon.


First sorry you are unwell, but please don't SHOUT, its not good netiquette and I have a headache this morning :)

Has your son had any contact with Mum in the last 7-10 days is probably the first question and then I guess I would wait and see what the Dr says and be guided by him. My asthmatic plus other problems son did not get tamiflu until he showed symptoms I got it as soon as we realised I had contact with a confirmed case but then my lungs are pretty dire and I have other high risk factors going on. Be guided by the GP but if he does show symptoms then you will need to go to pandemic advice website. Remember the protection only lasts 24 hours per dose so don't be tempted to cheat the system because you won't get tamiflu again in a few weeks he really does get it!


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