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pseudomonas bug


I've recently been identified with pseudonomas bug. A quick google search was far too scary! Just wondered whether anyone has any less scary info. or experiences of it!

I'm on antibiotics and actually don't feel as poorly as I have done in the past with chest infections and certainly no where near as poorly as google says I should!

Many thanks

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Hi Dolphin

I regularly suffer from pseudomonas in my sputum. I have flare ups from it every 1 to 2 months. I usually have a couple of weeks of iv's and I am all better until next time.

I do get quite poorly with it but that doesn't mean that everyone with it will. Just make sure you keep a close watch on your breathing and if it deteriorates get help immediately and remember to tell them that you have cultured pseudomonas.

Which anti-biotics are you on? (purely a nosey question - sorry)



Hi Erasmus,

Thanks for this - I'm on Ciprofloxacin.


If your infection doesn't clear with the cipro it would be worth asking about cefixime. I do recall that it is the oral translation of ceftazidme which is the iv drug i get to treat the infection.

Hope you get rid of it.



Hi my son grew pseudomonas for the first time when he was about 11 months he had oral antibiotics twice then he grew it again last christmas and had to have 2 weeks of iv meds he has been on a neb for the past year to stop it from causing him a problem which has worked but the have now took him off the neb as the meds he was on can make asthma worse so we are hoping it stays at bay. Its a clever bug that changes its structure so meds cant kill it but it can be kept to a min. Good luck and good health

Ashley Jimmys mummy x


Thank you both for your replies - I think the antibiotics are doing their job, the breathing definitely feels easier.

Thanks again.


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