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Is rape seed still a problem??

hi all, just a quickie.

Being a townie I have no idea about rape seed flowing times and need a little advice.

My son is going on school journey this week to a little farm house in the middle of no where. We are proper city folk living in the centre of London so do not know if Jayden will be affected by this. I have been told there is a rape seed field close to where they are staying (apparently only a wheat field seperates the two). He has a grass allergy but no tree allergies. Taking no chances giving Piriton and Tilade 4 times a day on top of usual meds, he has additional pred with him just in case, peak flows to be taken twice daily and an Asthma plan. I am sure he will be abosolutely fine but feel pretty useless as he is so far away.

Sorry for paniky mum mode but can't help it!!

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Rape has more or less finnished now in Essex, not sure about elsewhere though, but rape pollen in itself has not been proven to be an allergen. It is possibly all the chemicals that it emits plus it flowers at the same time as trees do but often gets the blame for the sneezes.

Wheat is in the Grass family though! Not sure about pollen from a wheat field.

Also pollen blows quite a distance sometimes.

As long as he has his action plan, takes his meds etc and you don't worry please either! He may be fine! I think you have to be sensitised to have a reaction so first exposure may not trigger anything.

Has he been on a KA holiday before? If so he will understand his meds and the need to take them and should be fine!

I hope he has a fantastic time!


PS Centre of London - poor Cutty Sark!


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