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dnt no wot to do bout work and my son

to not make along story 2yr old boy is suffering worse than ever has done b4 i was wrking but my boss didnt allow me to call home to check my 2 babies were ok even at brk, his healt got bad ova xmas so i kindov quit was sick ov choosing between my kids and work exspeacially wen i didnt no weather he was ok or not, my boss had real sarcasm wenever i mentioned the asthma nurse app or rough nites i very rarely tuk days off only wen it really cudnt be helped, ne way hes called me and asked me to go bk but my boy is still quite bad i feel as if i got more than enough on my head at home wiv out dealing wiv attitude at wrk, but on the other hand sounds vein but i like earning the little xtra cash its not alot but it keeps us level, with debt collectors at my door and bills cuming thick and fast im stuck i no i shud go bk to work but really cnt stand the idea ov sumthing bad happenin while im too far from home im stuck so much i got that sick feeling in my stomach like butterflys but not ina gd way sorry for ramblin on but i needed to vent it out sumwhere so i can try and get my head straight

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Sorry ur having such a hard time. I feel you, obviously u need to get some solutions. If u work for a large company maybe you can get support. If not u need to look at how your boss could help whilst he tries to run his business. Maybe he doesn't want to lose you. Maybe you could write to debtors for a period of grace. Can family help you? Or you may have to rethink about doing something less consuming.

I don't know enough to give you specific advice. But wanted You to know someone feels your frustation cos your child is having a rough time of it.


no i dnt wrk for a big company its my boss and thats it he got no moralls he aint got no respect for any thing breathing on earth hes a vile person who believes hes beta than every 1 and everything, i aint got no family to help only 1 sister who got 4 kids of her own to support without burdening her with my problems, thanks though i no i shudnt av wrote on ere but i really needed to vent it out and give my head space to think,its not that he values me as a worker its purely because he has fallen out with every1 where as me no matter how much hes bitched at me or had attitude or sarcasm ive brushed it off to avoid conflict but i feel as if my fuse have run out wen it cums to him, hes done some pretty apalling things and my skin craws wen im around him, but yeah the idea ov goin getting a diffeent less time consuming job sounds like the best option thanks for the words of advise really appreaciate it x x x


Maybe get a gp letter and meds hes on and tell your boss their will be times you need to call see how son is when bad and maybe time off when hes really bad but by sorting it out now will help stop the worry when it happens and understanding boss. Hope he then will understand and support you.xxx


Hi hun just to say I think you will be making a mistake going back to work for this crettin. As far as the bills are concerned go to the CAB and ask for help. I inderstand about earning a few pounds for you and it making you feel good, however if it stresses you so much it will drag you down in the end. Just a little tip. A great job to do and is usually good pay is cleaning staff or dinner lady for the local council and usually they are looking for people who can go in when they are short staffed and so may not need you all the time which will give you time to spend with your son to. Dont no if this helps but thought I would ramble and rant with you. lol

Good luck.


thanks yeah helps alot my brother clens for the council didnt even think of asking him thanks, i cant go bk to my job if i wana properly be there for my son it wud kill be off goin 12hours a day without even a fone call to c if hes ok, my boss wudnt understand not cause he cudnt but because he wont power has gone to his head a long time ago his main task in and out of wrk is belittling ppl and animals hes truely not a nice person in general neva mind to work for, thanks for ranting with me i really needed it still got alot to think bout and sort out but my head space feels that little bit mor organised and is starting to make sence thanks both for ur advise x x


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