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Heavy chest and breathless

Hey people,

Slightly worried but jus need some reassurance. I went to doctors last monday as i kept slipping in and out of asthma attacks. He gave me a course of pred and antibiotics. Its not made any difference and infact av got worse. I went back on thurs and been told to rest until a week on monday. Today alone av had at least 5 attacks and if i move it jus makes me breathless. I feel so heavy but i assume thats the virus av picked up. I apprently have a chest infection and a virus but surely after a week i should be feeling better not worse? My attacks are getting more frequent and but for my blue inhaler stablising me I'd be screwed. I jus dunno what do as am nr the end of my course of meds. Do you think i should get myself down to a&e? x

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Yeah go get help if you don't feel better, A + E will decide how to help you.




This really isn't the right place to ask for medical advice as per T&C. There is plenty of scope to increase your medications on your profile e.g. up the Clenil or add in serevent. I think you should go back to your doctors for a review at least as soon as you can Monday? If worried until then ring your out of hours doctor via your usual GP, go to a walkin centre or A&E if needed.


cheers for advice, am jus worried and a&e is on my mind. Am jus worn out and if i move its an asthma attack. Am on brown and blue inhalers with montlukast normally but never been this bad when am worn down x


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