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Post Pnuemonia

I had pnuemonia in march this year and it seems that it's taking a long while to fully get better. Has anyone else had these sort of problems with fatigue, muscle aches in thier chest (possibly the issue with about 2-3 cracked ribs from an accident a couple weeks ago) or generally finding it hard to keep up with themselves, went to nurse for asthma review but she wants me to see practice leader in asthma care as she thinks i could need yet more steroid inhaler.

any ideas/advice because I really am getting frustrated :(

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Just take it easy, it does take ages to get better from pneumonia I'm afraid, especially with asthma on top...don't go exerting yourself! Can't really remember how long it took me coz I didn't just have pneumonia by itself, but i think it was around 4 or 5 months to recover completely...sorry, sounds grim I know, but resting and deep breathing will help.


thanks crazybaby, its been 2 months since i started treatment, trying to take things at more asthma-friendly pace. found an old peak-flow diary when i was at my parents looking through some things and its weird seeing how much higher it was this time last year.

i know this is a hard question and i am by no means looking for a diagnosis, but did you find your PFs picked up over time?


My PF's got higher in that they went back to what they were before my pneumonia, yes. However, they like to take big dips and turns now as my asthma deteriorates :( But thats just me, not a reflection on how anyone's elses lungs will behave!


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