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new to asthma

i have never had asthma before but recently had lots of chest infections and antiobitocs were not clearing it. i then got pneumonia and ended up in hospital after i couldnt even get from one room to another as i couldnt breathe (and i live in a cottage so no stairs). i now have blue inhaler and brown preventer. i have had a recent cold so after strong antibiotics cleared the pneumonia i am coughing and wheezy again, so going back to docs on monday as i dont think its under control again (i havent been properly disgnosed with asthma yet) i am 51 and i think this could be due to hormonal changes, i did mention this to doc, but he said he hadnt heard of that before - has anyone else?

i now cannot do any exercise at all, even though i used to be really fit, playing badminton and going to the gym 3 times a week, which is really sickening. will i ever get back to the way i was?

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welcome lolagirl.

When your asthma gets diagnosed you will get the treatment you need and hope be able to do sports again.

Its hard at the start trying find out what combinations and add on therapys you might need.

Your in the right place on here and make lots of friends and support.

Welcome again and try not feel scared as it is hard trying to find out your needs and help you take control.

Good luck and welcome pm me any Glynis xxxx

edit-hormones not sure about that but im at that age when can cause all sorts of probs so new to me xxx


thanks glynis

i hope i do get a proper diagnosis, i am due to see a consultant in april, i want my life back as i feel it is on hold at the minute, how long have you had asthma?


dont worry

lola dont worry to much, i understand it can be scary at first but when/if you get a diagnosis they will find a cocktail of inhalers that works best for you. most asthmatics lead ""normal"" life's its only a few of us that have to lead limited and controlled lifes.


Hello lolagirl and welcome to asthma UK, I sadly can say that the asthma could be down to hormones. I know this because my asthma is always worse around the time of the month when my hormones are all over the place and when pregnant as well. I have only had 1 pregnancy that didn't affect my asthma and that was with my Ryan who was born with asthma. Also my mother is asthmatic and her asthma has just started getting worse and we think she is starting her menapause. She is also 51 and my MIL had to have a historectome a few years back and since then she has also been showing signs of asthma when before then she didn't. Very wierd how our bodiesw function I know but I also would say not stress yourself out about it as that nakes things worse aswell. I am only 27 but I also have had asthma since I was born and I have found that once my asthma is controlled after illnesses I can run a normal active life which is great especially with have 3 children to run about after and take care of with their illnesses. Keep taking the inhalers and I don't know if you have been told this one by your doctor but when you have virus it is recommended that you double your inhalers for the period of illness and for 7 days after. Sometimes this does the job and helps you lead as normal a life as possible when battling a virus. Hope things start to improve for you soon and I hope you get a diagnoses which ever way it goes.


Hi lolagirl, hope you start feeling better soon...

My asthma diagnosis was official on Monday 15th February, I first went to the doctor with symptoms in late December. Now that the medication has made me feel a whole lot better I can now see that I was suffering the symptoms for some years but a viral infection in mid-November exacerbated them and I finally seeked medical help (family pushedme actually - another story) :) .

Keep strong, you will feel better soon... my doctor put me on a course of prednisilone for a week which are magic pills and gave my preventer inhalor a quick boost in relieving my wheeze and cough... might be worthwhile in going back to the doctor and ask about a short course of steroids, I know they really helped me...

Now I am wheeze free, excess mucus free and my husband reports that my snoring has really reduced... I can't tell you how happy that has made us both, especially him. LOL

Good luck!!!


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