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Hi all,

Just been put on Singulair after a pretty rough few weeks with the old lungs, I started to have allergic reactions to everything. I've had a few hairy moments in the last few weeks. Its kinda come out of nowhere and has been going downhill since June - for the last 13years I have had such mild asthma that most of the time I didn’t even take steroids for it and disappeared completely when i was pregnant! now im kinda wondering what exactly has changed in the last few months! Sorry rant over - am very tired!

Just wondered what other people’s experiences of this drug were and how long it takes to work?

Hope u are all well

Midge x

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when i was first put on it, it was fantastic made my asthma so much more controlled though it took a month to get in my system. so be patient.


No effect at all for me.I tried it for about a year and even had the double dose of 20mg with no luck. I think this is one of those drugs that people find wonderful or pretty useless. Good Luck !


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