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Aero Chamber Plus

Have these spacers with the mouthpieces been discontinued? I went to the chemist today to pick up a prescription and he gave me the one with the mask (which I hate using). I asked him for the mouthpiece and he said they don't make them anymore. Is this true and if so why have they stopped making something which is really useful. I know it sounds stupid but the one with the mask is fine for using at home but when you're out and about I would rather have the mouthpiece one as it fits in my bag easily.

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I can't see why it would have been discontinued

I got a new one about 4 weeks ago with no issues - asthma nurse told me at my daughters last check that the masks are ok for small children orbit you have s problem with the mouthpiece but ideally older children and adults are better with mouthpiece - better delivery of drugs to lungs rather than onto face

May be try a different pharmacy?


i would love to hear more about this because i am about to request a prescription for one tomorrow and would like to know what is available out there! apart from size, what are the other positive/negative aspects of the mask?

Lizzie xxx


My son was given a new spacer with a mouth piece at the hospital on Monday! I hope they are not being discontinued as he hates the mask spacer.



Well I have spoken to my friend who works in a pharmacy and she says they are still dispensing them. The pharmacist at my chemist just couldn't be bothered to order one cos his mate had walked into the shop and I would have disrupted him chatting. I will go back this week and tell him to swap it and order me what the doctor prescribed or they can give me my prescription back and I will go elsewhere. I am really pleased they are still available though.


Hi belly re spacer.

I hope your pharmacist is more reasonable than mine.

When i packed in smoking, i had prescription. for the niquitin lozenges.

I collected my prescriptions as normal.

I use a lot of meds, so they always put them in carrier bags for me.

When i got home, i found my lozengers had been substituded for the cheap own brand.

I had tried the cheap ones a long time ago because i got a free sample.

I didnt like them. They tasted like sugar lumps.

So i went straight back to ask if he would get me the niquitin ones as prescribed.

All the boxes were sealed & inside the boxes the lozenges are in blister packs, so it was obvious i had not opened them.

The pharmacist totally refused to change them.

He told me the moment you take anything from pharmacy, it will not be exchanged under any circumstances.

I mentioned the cheap version he gave me didnt match the prescription.

He still refused.

Now, i try to check all my meds before i leave the counter.

I do hope you are able to exchange your spacer.

They havent stopped making them yet.

A neighbor got one last week.


when i got my last aero chamber a couple of months ago i was also given the one with the mask which i hate but got used to it, but i next one i got was with the mouthpeice which i use both, so i think if you are getting the mask then it is human error, there is a new spacer that we can get on prescription that is smaller then the aerochamber and ideal for travelling and when out, i will tell more about it later as now going to the doctor and will be getting the new spacer



I use an aero-chamber at home but also have an Able spacer for use away from home. it fits easily in my bag. You can buy them on Amazon and various other places but they charge the earth. I got mine at my local pharmacy and it was under £6. This is what it looks like It's really good because a blue reliever will fit inside it for travel.

I certainly hope the aero hasn't been discontinued because I'll soon need a replacement.


Hi all,

I use the aero chamber for all my meds and will probably need a new one soon.

Does anyone know how long before you need a new one?

Like the sound of the able chamber, sounds small for taking out in public!

Hope everyone keeping under control and out of costa!



AeroChamber Plus

I can tell you for sure that all four AeroChambers are widely available in the UK (infant mask, child mask, adult mask and mouthpiece). With a prescription, they are free of charge and covered by the NHS trust. I would not use a Able Spacer or Pocket Chamber as these devices have not been clinically tested by the drug companies with their puffers. GSK recommends the AeroChamber.


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