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Salbutimol making me cough

Hi all and Happy New Year.

I suffer from brittle/serve asthma and have always used salbutamol as my rescue medication. After my worst and most recent attack I have found it sets me of coughing.

This is a problem as it does nothing to help my asthma, and often makes my chest tighter. I have salbutamol nebs also and they seem to be doing the same.

I see my cons next week but as I'm stuggling a bit at the moment thought I would see if anyone else has had this problem. It even happens with the spacer although not as bad.

Any Help Please Thanks Amanda

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Amanda have you tried atrovent nebs (ipratropium bromide)?

I neb these first if i'm coughing, then i use ventolin nebs. If coughing is still being a problem after those two try some good old saline nebulas i find they help too. Hope you feel better soon xxx


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