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Bone Scans? Uniphylline? Xolair? :(

Hi all, just got back from consultant and he has decided i need a bone scan due to the number of steriods ive been on. What kind of scan is it? Also, he said i will need to start ""bone protecting drugs"", any ideas what these will be? Just like calcium tablets or something?

He's also started me on uniphillyne (sp?) and said i will need regular blood tests to check for toxic levels! (all seems a bit scary!) Oh, and there going to do an IGE test to see if im suitable for xolair. And just to top it off, ive been given yet more pred for a week and told that if i dont feel well to go straight to A&E.

Sorry for all the questions, just had a horrible morning and feeling very confused!

Hope everyone is doing ok, sorry for the rant!



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A bone scan is a DEXA (sp) scan is to see if the steriods have already had have caused some bone thinning. As your Dr said there are things you can take to protect them. A lot of us are on them. I would not panic about it is a sensible precaution and once the results are in you can discuss with your Dr the best options.

Uniphyllin again is very common drug for asthmatics, it is a theophyllin and is enormously helpful to many people. If you have ever had a severe attack you might have been put on an aminopylline drip uniphyllin is the same but in tablet form. However everyone absorbs this at different levels and to work they need to be at the right level and not too much either, so a blood test is sensible to check you are getting the right amount. There are other threads on here about theophyllin levels etc if I have time I will find them and bump them up. One word of caution if you start to feel really sick and get a banging headache (I am told like a really bad hangover) don't take the next dose and call your GP as it is possible to have too much of a good thing and that is not good this is very very rare but worth being aware off. However, the odds are you have been started at a lowish dose so please don't panic. Do read the leaflet that will have come with the tablets for more info. You also need to check that any other medication you take does interact with it, this applies more to over the counter or herbal remedies (St Johns wort is a big no no if I recall correctly). Please don't be scared by the above thousands of people take this quite happily and get excellent results but it is worth being aware of toxicity. When I have good levels I feel fantastic it really is a great drug but one that needs a little caution and awareness, and your Dr is doing all the right things!

My IGE is too high for Xolair but some people have described it as a wonder drug if you are suitable then it is worth giving it a go again you will need to wait for the blood test results and discuss it with your consultant when they are back.

It sounds like you have had very good and thorough review I know all these things seem scary but they are sensible things your Dr is doing. With luck the uniphyllin will reduce the number times you go on steroids and have symptoms and that can only be a good thing. The Xolair option is one that should be explored for all asthmatics you are lucky in your area they are doing this pro-actively many places don't and the bone scan and calcium is just a precaution and for protection.

I hope this helps



thank you very much for taking the time to reply. have made me feel a lot better about it all :o) just wish i could remember to ask all these things when theyre said to me in clinic, however they just seem to fly out my head!



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