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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Sorry just had to scream. I knew becotide and becloforte was going off the market and we had been told everyone was being changed to the equivalent dose of Qvar. Hiccup - I'm allergic to Qvar. Just before Christmas I saw the asthma nurse and my GP to discuss all this and got sent to see the Con too. The Con assured me that it was only the manufacturer that was discontinuing them because they aren't CFC free but the drug itself is still being produced by another manufacturer. He also said that as I am finally stable on my current meds nothing was to be changed! He even wrote to the GP to let them know. I even have allergic to Qvar written on my records. Just received a letter this morning to say medication has been changed to Qvar. I now have to do the rounds of seeing GP and asthma nurse again to try and sort it out. Even managed to get an appointment this afternoon to do so. I will try not to scream at them, apparently the surgery pharmacist changed the med. Has this happened to anyone else. i know othersx are also allergic to Qvar?

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Seems like its a week for thing ups thanks to gp surgeries!! i hate nightmare yest and dad went 3 times to gp as scripts were wrong in the end he marched in and asked for the practice manager and nicely gave her what for, explaining what its like to have a daughter in hosp 80% of her life and having to rely on their support for the other 20 only to have thing ups leaving me short and mad!! bless him didnt know till yet how he felt. Anyway ended up with big appology and assurence that all staff will be made aware of my circumstances and any prescription requests or anything i need has to go through her!! about time too, so angela does voice your concerns and give them hell its the only way to get through sometimes!!

good luck

andrea xxx

ps cant you have flixotide?


Yes, it is only the branded becotide and becloforte that are being withdrawn - all other generic beclometasone inhalers should still be available.

Qvar isn't the only other ""branded"" beclometasone inhaler around - there's Clenil as well. It's thought that the newer beclometasone inhalers may be more efficient in delivering the active ingredients to the lungs, so the doses may differ.


Thanks for the supportand advice. Just seen the GP. Giving stink over the phone obviously worked as GP and asthma nurse had a conflab before I got to surgery. Have been changed to Clendil. Took script to chemist and he had never heard of it, but has now ordered it. Doc agreed that I should change asap while I still have some Becloforte left just in case it doesn't suit. I'm all for change to improve things but having taken 15 months to actually get my asthma under control I have actually been stable for 3 months and don't want to lose that stability.


hi Angela i was once on becotide 250 2 puffs twice daily and ventolin when needed which was normally about twice daily.My problem with the becotide was compliance, missing doses regularly.discussed the problem with gp who switched me to seretide 250 one puff twice daily.i find this a wonderful med.i rarely need to use ventolin and most days am wheeze free.I know this works well for me but maybe not for everyone but at least it was an alternative to becotide!Hope this bit of info is useful,cheers


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