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Symbicort 400/12!!!!!

I have brittle asthma and have spent the last few months since moving to Somerset in misery after problems with my GP. My GP objected to the amount of ventolin I was taking (always have done) but wouldn't prescribe anything new just kept refusing to give me prescriptions. (An aside issue, can they withhold medication???). Anyway, I got so down and fed up with worrying about whether I would get ventolin when I needed I swapped doctors.New doctor, I turned up first day to see asthma nurse who took one look at me wasn't very happy, decided to try me on Symbicort 400. I've been on a lower dose one ages ago but first time on this. Anyway, to cut a long story short...... I started taking it Tuesday and I feel like I have a new set of lungs. Added to my singulair & antihistamines in replacement for Flix & Oxis.Since Tuesday first dose I've taken 10 puffs of ventolin. I was using up to 2 inhalers a week before.Wanted to see if anyone else had felt the benefit and I'm hoping it will keep up.Too many rubbish GP's out there who don't understand asthma.My last visit to rubbish doctor, I couldn't walk to end of road, very bad breathing she looked at me and said 'well you've got to lose weight' didn't even listen to my chest. I know I need to lose weight but how come my asthma is stable somedays and not others. She didn't answer!It's amazing what a difference a good doctor makes.Have a great day everyone!J. x

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im glad that it has helped you and that it sounds like u have found a more understanding Dr, lets hope they get u really sorted, it has helped me a little.

Does anyone know what is the max dose for the 400/12 im on 2 puffs four times a day as prescribed by the RBH but on the symbicort site it says the max is 2 x2 a day. Anyone any ideas?


I was told that I could up the dose by GP to six puffs a day... but usual was 2 puffs twice a day, not sure what the max is. I guess we all have to find the right combination for us. Asthma is such a random and varied illness that it takes forever to actually find something that works together. Take care everyone. J.



Try again. Takes some getting used to does this new notice board, not sure where my last reply went to.

My doc as given me the symbicort (three days ago) 400/12 instead of flixotide and oxis. 2 puffs twice a day. I was on maximum dose of flixotide 4 puffs twice daily and 2 puffs oxis twice daily. I am not sure if this new dose of symbicort is the same equavalent to what i was taking. Its hard to tell because i am on 40 mg of pred, accolate tablets and then combivent through the nebuliser. But i am looking forward to seeing if this makes any difference. Sure am fed up of this feeling of a rope around my chest all the time. My con said that you cant up the one part of symbicort without upping the other but if it gives relief who cares. If anybody else as had good results from changing like this would love to hear from you.


my doc got around this by adding pulmicort to take me up to the max dose of the budesonide (steroid) without having any more formeterol, which gives me the shakes... perhaps you could try that?


Is it strong enough

What is the max dose for this medication. just been changed from oxis and Flixotide but not sure if this is as strong I thought flixotide was the best steroid. Well we will see. Has anybody else had much success with this changeover. I am on two puffs twice a day of symbicort 400/12.


as far as i know the max dose is what you're on - a total of 1600 mcg of the budesonide per day. don't know what the max is of the formeterol.


Thanks Justy, still got crap peak flows of around 230, good job i have the nebuliser to relieve this tightness will wait to see if this eases, as of yet not sure if the flixotide was any better, but got to give it a chance.


Well after a week on this medication now I have still been using ventolin but only very small amounts, I used two inhalers per week on Flixotide/Oxis but this is still keeping me stable. I've not had an attack since using it (hurrah!) and even managed some gardening last weekend which was before unheard of because I could never get my breath. Good luck with it. I guess it's not for everyone but as you say you need to give it a chance. xx


Hello everyone taking symbicort 400/12.

I started taking this LABA combination almost one year ago.

Started on the lower dose, - 200/6 - and then moved to the 400/12 dosage, late last year.

I couldn't get on with the equivalent dose of seretide. Still got lots of bronchospasms and very low pf's and accompanying symptoms. Which is strange, because both of these combination inhalers contain similar drugs. But as I have always said, what might work for one person, might not work for someone else with similar breathing problems. Just keep trying different drug combinations though.

I don't know what the 'recommended maximum dosage' is, but all I do know is that I was able to wean myself off the pred. by increasing my dosage of the 400/12 combination. But obviously at an agreed level with the chest con.

This drug combination has allowed me to continue running, working, and just day to day life. I still take other meds as well. But I'm pretty certain that this inhaler has helped me the most. More than pred, more than the theophylline (which I'm still taking) singulair, - just gave me horrendous headaches -the ipratropium type drugs like atrovent and combivent, - they only dried my lungs up (despite loads of fluids) and couldn't raise my pf by more than ten points at a time, and salb nebs, which I'm still very careful about using, and which only give short term relief anyway.

I've has a few problems with this inhaler though, the worst of which WAS the dry painful sore throats and hoarse voice.

They seem to have more or less disappeared with a regime of gargling with peroxyl mouthwash every couple of days. However hydrogen peroxide, - a key ingredient in peroxyl mouthwash - also kills germs and fungi, so could be useful if you suffer from thrush etc.

So all I can say is, give it a try. Although I still have unpredictable big dipper moments with my type of asthma I'm still much better off since I started with this type of inhaler and drug combination, than whatever I tried before.

Good luck everyone.



To mia, Good to hear the better results that you are having from the symbicort Its helping me ,i take two piffs 400/12 twice daily but peak flows are still low 230 I must get down with the pred, i am blowing up like a balloon with swollen eyes and face. How do you know that some inhalers dry out the lungs, thats interesting because i take water tablets to stop the build up of fluid on the lungs. maybe its doing the opposite and drying me out to much. Its a guessing game in life, so like a lot of us i take one day at a time. Once again thanks for your positive reply, its uplifted me this morning with a bit of some positiveness.


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