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Help _ 2 month old Omron neb not working

Has anyone had this problem? I am a brittle and have bronchiectasis. I keep getting pneumonia and I need the nebulizer. I 'phoned evergreen who told me to use a nail file on the electrodes (which I have done) but it still isn't working and the red light is still showing. It is run off the main so has nothing to do with battery's.

Please help someone. I can't face another A & E visit at the moment.

Any help would really be appreciated.


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Hello Geli,

Omrons Mirco airs are usually very good! I assume this is the one you are using?

Have you tried with new batteries only?

Have you tried without any batteries in, just using the mains? Some nebs will continue to run on the batteries if they are in place and not the mains.

Try cleaning the electrodes with a steret or some alcholic wipe .... not heard of the nail file method!! ???

Have you kept the mesh clean too?

Apart from that, I can't think of anything else..... apart from having a compressor back up neb around just in case of situations like this.

Though if your neb is not working and you are struggling, please go to A&E.

Then get onto Evergreens, they are good! and say the neb is not working properly... it will still be under guarantee!

Hope this helps




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