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Do we all have the same problem as me. Why am i so bloated and cant bend down for it. Swallowing air, my diet steroids the list goes on, or just bad lungs i guess. Its so painful. My wife a nurse sees lots of people with bad lungs but not with a belly like mine she said. Docs just brush me off with all the answers but no action Could you fellow sufferers enlighten me in any way please. Must go for some more pain killers which the consultant gives me to ease pain in lungs Thanks.

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Maybe worth a referral to a gastro cons to see if any probs with digestion, i have delayed emptying? in other words food takes ages to go through and tends to sit in my stomach but its not painfull. Its a bit worrying you have pain? do you get reflux? maybe a hiatus hernia? Really think you need be seen to rule stomach probs out before saying its just lings?

Andrea xxx



Sorry to hear of your recent problems. As andrea said is it possible you have gastric reflux? It is quite common in people on pred, I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia last year after it was spotted on a chest CT scan, I don't suffer from reflux but was started on medication anyway because hiatus hernia can be caused by reflux. I sometimes suffer from bloating but mine is due to my BIPAP machine at night, I sometimes swallow alot of air.

hang in there,

Tks xx


I have problems with bloating and severe pain if I dont watch my diet; I have quite a few food intolerances rather than food allergies. I can be rolling around the floor crying in pain almost wishing for death to strike. I find over the counter tablets such as deflatine can help but the best thing I have found to ease the discomfort is peppermint tea.


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