kidney dialysis ?sorry to have to ask again!

i am having to stay at home due to my asthma as it is now playing up big time i have been unable to see my niece and only get very stressed dad on phone who does not even know the time of day, but that is to be expected.all i got was now they have to dialysis her!! what the hell is going on? i do not have the information i need to understand the reason for dialysis, this has not happened before. during this time is anyone able to help me fully understand again the reasons for something like this happing and also how can i keep getting it across to a ward that know the family and still are not willing to give me info over the phone. i am so angry and worried but have my own health and two kids to care for as well what am i meant to do.she was amazing when i became unwell this year and i just want to help her like she has always me. am i being far to self absorbed? life is going off in far too many directions and i can not do anything about it everything is out of control and happing to fast..i feel like i am to blame as i have been ill and Holly-Anna has helped me. everything is being taken away and i cannot control the one thing i said i would do to her mum and that is to keep Anna safe.

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  • Jellybean, I am sure someone will come along with a far better answer but it is not uncommon. Our own EmH had dialysis and I know another friend who needed it whilst very ill with asthma. I am sorry to hear spider is still having a tough time. I hope you will take heart from the story of EmH who was on a vent for 7 weeks but who is now recovering well at home.


  • I had it the first time i was vented, i dont know much just that they are one of the first organs to shut down under such crisis as these. When in itu you are given such heavy duty meds thats they take a battering so need some extra help. Its better to be picked up early and treated than left i guess?

    Love Andrea xxxx

  • One other thing Jellybean, don't be afraid to ask as much as you like it is fine.

    Oh and another thing in ITU they really monitor things well so where-as under normal circumstances they would keep an eye on some raised result they tend to dive in and sort things quickly. I always end up on insulin in ITU but never have it another time.


  • Bex and Andrea have basically already answered the question - sometimes the kidneys don't function as well as they should when the body is very poorly, and sometimes because the body *is* so poorly it produces extra waste products that the kidneys just can't cope with, so dialysis can be used the filter the waste products out of the blood whilst the person is poorly until the kidneys can get back to normal.

  • i would like to take this opportunity too express my gratitude and acknowledge the support i have received with my questions you are all amazing. thanks for the effort and time in responding to my questions that are helping so very much to not only help me understand this situation we are in again with Holly-Anna, but the complications that have arisen, that have not occurred when she has been this poorly before.

    kind regards to all Jaycie

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