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Asthma worse at work - aircon?

Ok, so, still fairly new to this asthma lark. Only have it mildly anyway thank god but I have noticed that my symptoms are worse when I'm at work.

For instance, my son has started school this week so I've worked at home Tuesday to Thursday and have felt fine. Then I come back into work today and already feel a little breathless. I noticed the same when we had a week off work recently.

I'm sure, if i'm not imagining it, that it's the aircon giving me issues. We don't have openable windows so aircon it is..

I have an appointment with my asthma nurse on monday anyway so will mention this then but anyone had similar issues and what did you do?

Determined not to have the same ill ridden winter like the previous 2 years so I'm trying to get in tip top shape asthma wise.. That and I've recently found out I am pregnant... :)

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Have you mentioned this to someone at your work, maybe they can isolated the air conditioning unit.


Perhaps the filters on the air-con just need cleaning.

The air-con in our office was given annual inspections but on chatting with the chap from the cleaning company when he was doing the grille above my desk, discovered that in all seven years their air-con system had been in place, they'd never been asked to do a proper inspection of the system. Just to clean and dust the ceiling grilles.

I basically jumped up and down till H&S got the message and had the air-con company called in to do a proper maintenance of the system. Result - less coughing from me and less colds and flu going around the office.


I'm in the same boat. My GP has told me to keep a peak flow diary for a month, measuring at home and at work. Not sure what she'll do if work is making me worse tho.


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