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Has anybody taken Ant Acid medication for Asthma?

New to the forum living in Australia, have found this site to be very useful and very supportive.

My 11 yr old has uncontrolled asthma currently on Flixotide and Ventolin daily and prednisole as required (usally at least 1 per mnth). Her specialist wants to try 40mg of Lomsec ( Omeprazole) daily which is an antacid. I'm not keen as we dont need any further drug side effects as well as the steroids. My child has no history of acid reflux . Has anybody tried this?

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I take omeprazole to help with the problems from steroids! She may have been prescribed it to protect her stomach from the side effects of the prednisolone. I have had no problems with it at all.



Me and my son have been on antacids in the past (both of us have had tummy problems and we are asthmatics). It was absolutely fine and no problems.


I am asthmatic and I have just recently started taking Anti-Acid medication, and it works really well for me.


Hi I had a 24 hr ph study which showed I havw a silent reflux (am unaware as suffer no symptoms) was given a drug Ny something but couldn't tolerate it so am on 20 mg of Lansoprazole no sude effects at this dose but if increased causes nausea and diarrhoea. I have a delicate stomach and have trouble with lots of meds, Phyllocontin upsets my stomach but have tried Uniphyllin but was even worse so put up with Phyllocontin. I don't think there are any serious long term effects with PPI's. Hope your daughter has some success.


I have acid reflux and was on Omeprazole for two years with no problem but developed asthma last year and found Omeprazole was making me wheeze during the night (was ok when I stopped taking it). Doctor changed prescription to Ranitidine which also makes me wheeze but not so severe. Long term use of Omeprazole can increase risk of osteoprosis.

Lastly I must admit I am very prone to rare side effects.


Despite being on the top licensed dose of Lansprazole 30 mg after tests it was discovered that though I had no symptoms I had silent acid reflux so my dose was increased to unlicensed 60 mg daily. I have been taking this for 6 years with no problems. And normally I am the kind of person who develops side effects to many drugs.


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