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Asthma and lack of/reduced sleep

hi Im not sure how to phrase this really, but I was wondering whether being sleep deprived can make asthma worse? I used to be able to cope with 4-6 hours sleep but recently I have been very busy and I havent been able to get to sleep until 12.30-1.30am and then I get up at around 6.30am for the last week or so. Ive noticed Ive become more wheezy than usual and I nearly required admission today. I was admitted to ITU about 2 months ago and it just seems I really appreciate my sleep more lol since. Im symptomatic quite severely at night, my mum can hear me wheezily sleeping and wakes me up around 6/7 times to give me salbutamol. Which doesnt really help and Im getting through 2-3 salbutamol inhalers per week.

So yeah just wondering can lack of sleep make asthma worse? :s

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I can directly atribute lack of sleep to severe deterioration in my asthma in the past - sleep deprivation was due to antisocial neighbour keeping me awake or waking me at 2am with noise, banging etc

You need to sort out your priorities if possible and your medication too if you are using that much reliever - a trip to the GP would be an idea to discuss you night time symptoms!

Take care & get some sleeep please!



I'm kind of in the same situation as you, and i am pretty sure that lack of sleep does not help my asthma. I have a theory:

Since my body does not get enough rest, my imune system doesnt work as well, so my allergies get WAAAY worse, and therefore my ashtma gets WAAAAY worse! I think it is pretty logical :) but i am no doctor!

Sleep is good though, i wish i got more of it


Bad night time symptoms indicate that your asthma is not as controlled as it could be. Might be worth asking for a review?

Tks xx


You're getting through 2-3 inhalers PER WEEK?? Good lord, what on earth are you doing with them? Surely your GP must have asked you to go for a review - I would, because there's no way on this earth you can/should be using this amount of ventolin.

Doctors. Now. Do not pass go, do not collect £200. Isn't an ITU admission enough to warn you about asthma control?


I think lck of sleep can cause asthma to get worse but partly because the lack of sep is due to asthma - does that make sense.

That is a lot to be using in a month. When i used to relievers in a fortnight and asked for more my GP gave me some but insisted on seeing me for an asthma review which i panicked that it was going to be stopped but it was to ty and get other medication to avoid needing that much reliever - please get checkd out.


hi thanks for replies.

Im finding it hard to go to sleep because I am having to look after my mum who has various ilnesses and is likely to require admission soon as it is and I have to do my schoolwork etc before I go to bed. My GP has been prescibing the inhalers and has not said to reduce them, I take what I usually take and Im using it heavilly as a reliever. I was due to start home nebs but the GP and the cons are still very reluctant about doing so and are trying to see if theophylline has any impact before they go ahead with home nebs. I am due for a review in 2 weeks time.

I went to see my GP today, but he just prescribed more inhalers and told me to continue with 40mg prednisolone as he says he cant do anything further than that until I see my cons in 2 weeks.


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