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Any suggestions

caught cold last week and now am coughing. gp says chest clear but chest rattling 10 to the dozen when i cough which is loads at the mo only prob is when i start i can't stop sometimes i can cough mucus up other times it just rattles. using ventolin helps a bit but my chest is that sore from coughing constantly. have tried usual stuff like vick and cough mixture but no diff. has anyone please got any suggestions how i ca help myself even tried warm drink last night but no. ventolin helped but only after about 10 puffs.

a very tired and sleep kath x

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Do you normally get coughing as an asthma symptom? I didn't, but the last cold I got I ended up with an unproductive chesty cough, which, if I couldn't stop it, then led to my ""normal"" asthma symptoms. The first doctor I saw just told me I didn't have a chest infection & I could expect the cough to last for weeks. I wasn't until I went back because I really couldn't cope that I got put on pred, which magically cleared up the cough & made me realise that that was the asthma too.

Other than that, I find steam great! Either head over a bowl or just filling the bathroom with it!

Hope you find something that works soon.


yes main asthma symptom is cough which think is prob contribution and why ventolin helps. doesn't help at mo that pf naf and asthma not controlled. will try jumping in shower and see if that helps(well maybe standing not jumping at mo lol). see con on monday again so will see what he says but head banging now as well and just need few hrs uninterupted sleep.



I'd go to your doctor and see if you can get something else to help with your asthma if its the ventolin which is helping you to stop coughing.

When I was having bad asthma symptoms, the sudafed I was given actually made things worse for me and that's when I started waking up in the night unable to breathe at all and having these episodes in the day too. What worked for me was changing my medication, having some courses of pred and getting on the right antibiotic which helped to open my tubes up and so I could cough up the gunk.


Forgot to say, I use steam and Karvol in a bowl with a towl over my head before I go to sleep after I've taken my bedtime medication and some reliever. It seems to really help me sleep for a few hours when I'm bad.

I don't react to Karvol whereas olbus oil sets my asthma off.


Sorry to see your cold has took hold Katherine

I agree with Beth, go back and see your GP. Steam really helps with me too. I had to stick my head in a bowl of steam last night. My chest was quite painful through coughing. It really does help ease it.

Did your GP give you any steroids. I've had 3 weeks supply now. And 2 lots of antibiotics.

My asthma nurse said that asthmatics should have a emergency supply of antibiotics & steroids so first call of a bad chest, they should be took to help control your chest, this should help with the breathing and hopefully combat any nasty infections.

If it gets really bad go to A&E don't wait until Monday.

Take care

Julie X


no no steriods. if can avoi will. saw gym instructer yesterday and he wqas saying when he 1st knew me yr ago i was quite slim and reconds that he can see weight i have put on in last few weeks. great men arn't they. prob result of 2 weeks steriods over christmas. well see con and asthma nurse again at hosp on mon and on training mon am for wrk - infection control (lol) so will see what happens. con wasn't impressed way i was coughing last week when saw him but said chest was reasonably clear going to wonder what i have been up to in a week.


I gave up smoking on 14th June 05 (stupid i know) Put on 3 stone. Lost 3 stone, put on a stone since flu in early December. i'm sure thats through having 5 weeks of steroids.(in total up to date) I have eaten loads of crap though. Back on weight watchers now. So i know where your coming from. I hate steroids, but they have really helped me over the last few weeks.

Just take it easy.



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