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Quinine Works

I know many have often said they are not sure if quinine works myself included. Well 2 weeks ago I ran out in my favour I always seem to have several partially used quinine packets in my ""stock"" box. I did not order any more today because I wanted to actually go a week without putting in a rpt script. The last 2 days I have resumed the funky chicken dance, had cramps in my feet, legs, cheeks etc etc. Because I NG feed so long as I top up with the quinine I don't get any cramps. So thanks to my stuborness and some crazy illogical thinking I have proven once and for all quinine tablets work!

Needless to say they are on a repeat to go in on Monday!


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Good to hear they do work for you. I know my aunt uses them, and she reckons as long as she takes one every other day she'll be fine.

It's easy to forget the repeat script, but I get an email from Lloyds Pharmacy Online 14 days before mines due, just then need to phone to order it, and they post what I want.

Hope you get your repeat soon.



have always said that i get through at least 1 bottle of tonic water a week in order to keep cramp at bay and apart from odd occasion i find it does actually work guess its just keeping levels topped up. least you know now bex never to let tablets run out again.


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