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Porta Neb vs. Porta Neb Lite

Hi Everyone,

I was just browsing the web, when i came across something called a Porta Neb Lite, just wondered what the difference is between this and the normal Porta Neb? Is it smaller/lighter? or less Powerful? can you still neb everything that you can with a normal Porta Neb?

Sorry just being v. nosy really, wondered if anyone had any experience or knowledge they wanted to share




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hello Libby,

The porta Neb is a mains only compressor neb - a good work horse but heavy.

The other one, I think you mean Freeway Lite or the Freeway freedom made by the same company is Mains, 12v and Battery powered - It is still a bit heavy but it is more portable. The batteries (a rechargeable) last about 2-3 years - just got a new one for mine.

I have both and find they are just as good as each other power wise.

Cost - Portaneb is cheapper!

Are you looking at buying one? What are your needs etc?

Hope this helps



Just put Porta neb lite into google - It looks just the same as a Porta Neb.

So perhaps it is the same neb but different companies marketing it with a slightly different name. Hope the Freeway info useful anyway. Kate


Hey Kate,

Sorry it took me a while to get back to you, took an unplanned visit elsewhere for a couple of days.

Thanks for the reply, I have a Porta-neb (the normal one) already, I use it to neb salbutamol and atrovent when my asthma is bad or worse than normal. I was just purely interested because wanted to know the differnence between them, if any. I think you may be right, its more to do with the way companies manufacture them and the name they sell it under, not sure there is a difference really between them.

Thanks for the info on the freeway, it sounds a bit superior to the porta neb! but since my neb is free cause came from the respiratory peeps at local hospital, can't really complain!

Thanks again




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