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feeling bad

went to docs yesterday cos chest would not behave and was put on steroids and antibiotics which seem to be doin job for me , ihave a virus which has gave me a sore throat and earache, but since yesterday i cant stop sweating ,cant do much as i seem to leak from every hole possible , do anyone seem to think same as hubby that i am sweating virus out of me also i have been up most of night with a RIGHT COUGH WHICH I THINK I HAVE CAUGHT OF KIDS .I DO SEEM TO HAVE A WHEEZE BUT MY CHEST SEEMS TO FEEL OK ,ANY IDEAS.


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Keep sweating but keep drinking. sounds as if you are sweating it away. Should just last a few days like this and then you will probably feel a bit drained for a few days. Watch the chest though you may end up needing antibiotics for it if you get an infection on top. Viruses can take up to 6 weeks to completely feel better though. sorry to be the pessimist.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Love and hugs

Ange xx


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