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just had my annual check up today for asthma, nurse has told me i am on step 4 of asthma table,because i take my blue inhaler every day, on the 26th of this month i have to go back and see her to have a reversible breathing test ,don't no what that is but she has also suggested i try not to take my salbutamol unless i am really bad as she seems to think i am taking it out of habit, but i seem to be getting myself worked cos she has said that.has anybody else had this done to them.any suggestions please


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  • It's nothing to worry about. they are just like doing normal spirometry test where you blow into a machine for as long as you can. When you have done that they give you salbutamol as a neb and then you repeat the test. I still use my salbutamol most days but since I had revesability test they changed my inhalers to a long lasting one.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

    Katharine X

  • asthma nurse

    just to let you know since seeing nurse mon monday have only took my salbutamol inhaler once, how cool is that ,mind you shouldnt complain tomorrow proberly wont be able to get my breath

  • well done jilly :) I know how great it feels to go from taking reliever a lot, in my case 3 or 4 times a day, to only 1 or not at all, it's almost like freedom, shame it's gone down hill for me 2day but i totally blame the weather lol

    Hope u continue in such a good way!


  • Is it just me or do others find that they are fine when they go for the review with the asthma nurse but within a few days seem to go bad? Last year I ended up in A&E, this year again I dont feel great. I supose it could just be the weather or maybe it is the fact that she told me that my blood pressure was through the roof and needs monitoring now.

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