not well

i Had camera into lungs on Fri went as well as i thought it would. had a sore throat but that's gone now, trouble is i think i have pulled muscles in my tummy with coughing i did while camera was down. i to top it all today i am very very chesty and phlegmy i think its all gunk coming up which they dislodged any body else feel like this xxxx

jill xxxxxx

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  • Hi Jill,

    So sorry that you've had a rough time since your bronch. I found that my chest felt gunky for a good few days afterwards, which I blamed on the water they put in my lungs to wash out any secretions and which made my consultant laugh at me in a tolerant kind of way.

    Have you had continuing fever since the bronch? If so (or if you feel unwell and you're on pred, which suppresses fevers), I'd recommend getting it checked out by your GP.

  • no i haven't got a fever just feel a bit run down, if I'm like this in morn i'm going to go to docs. coughing quite a bit which hurts my tummy. but i have two girls who are spoiling me and looking after me. not often that their mum is out of action xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Jill,

    Sorry to hear you're not feeling great. I didn't have this problem after my bronchoscopy though generally I don't have issues with mucus - have been feeling like I might be about to cough something up in last couple of days but nothing there. The day after the bronch I did feel a bit more breathless than usual and was told it's normal as even just having the tube down and the coughing etc can stir things up a little.

    I was warned though that it was possible it might happen - did they give you a list of what to expect afterwards? My list said you might feel like you had a cold or infection and might cough up a little blood if they took samples, so it could just be that - but if you're worried they should have given you a number to ring and check - definitely do that or check with GP if you're worried at all. I think it does go away after not too long if it's aftereffects from the bronch.

    As ever feel free to PM me if you want, not sure if I can help but maybe can offer sympathy! xx

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