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i have had asthma for quite a long time but on the weekend, I had symptoms which i havnt had before.

I suddenly became very wheezy and couldnt stop coughing without any symptoms leading up to this. I could hardly draw breath and couldnt even get enough breath to use the ventolin. I then vomited. EEK!, i was really scared as my husband was away and I was worried about how I would manage to look after the children.

After much panicking i used my nebuliser with two nebs which seemed to help.

I saw the asthma nurse today and she has checked my peak flow today which is 60-70% of my normal rate and I feel fine now.

She has given me some more nebs, just in case and i have to go back in a week.

It really worried me that an asthma attack could happen so quick with no symptoms leading up to this and also vomiting, thats new to me.

I asked the nurse if this change was an age related issue but she didnt think so.

Any advise would be much appreciated.


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Hi Pinky

Sorry to hear you have had a bit of a rough time lately, don't worry about the vomiting, though unpleasant, coughing can put pressure on this part of the body and cause such unpleasant syptoms. I have done it many times my self so understand how distressing it can be to the sufferer and any onlookers. Hope you recover soon.

Best Wishes



Vomiting, yes that happens to me sometimes. My main symptom in an attack is uncontrollable coughing and excessive production of thick, clear mucus. I must swallow some of this mucus, because that's what always comes up when I vomit.

It's not pretty and can take you by surprise, so if I'm having an attack, I usually go to the loo to take Ventolin if I can, so that if I'm oughing up or vomiting mucus, I'm not making people feel ill.



Coughing and too much mucus/phlegm is my reaction to Mars chocolate eg Revels, Galaxy.

Feeling a bit fed with all sorts of things today, I parked up at the side of country road admiring the local reservoir. Threw caution to the wind and munched down pkt of Revels.

Half way through, started to cough and splutter. Caught sight of self in rear view mirror - Not a pretty sight. Fortunately I was only car in the parking area so no-one to see me. 3 puffs of Ventolin had me ok again.

Wisely decided not to finish rest of revels. 8)


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