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inhaling caterpillars is very uncomfortable!


My husband also has asthma and is a great naturalist and therefore he tends to have things like caterpillars in his pocket! and other not so nice things to do with the country.

Anyway basically he managed to inhale ( and cough out) a fluffy black caterpillar that had crawled into his ventolin inhaler!

Thought i would try yourselves to see if you know of any inhalers or devices that will prevent dirt and bits and caterpillars crawling down the sides of the inhaler between the plastic and the metal cannister.

Sorry i know it sounds yugh!

Thanks for listening.

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When I was in Cambodia in 07, my easi breathe was in my bag. I got it out of my bag, took a puff, looked at it and saw a mass of red ants in it. I nearly screamed.


ooo ouch doesnt sound nice

depending on what sort of inhaler it is you can buy puffa pouches they store in and i dont no if a cattapiller will get in there but maybe you could try.

they may look quite childish (to some) but it may be worth a try

check out or alternatively just google puffapouch

hope this hhelps

lil tinx xx


pinky- thats funny. If it's for something like ventolin or something with a canister the same size then one of these are great

I use one all the time, take it to work (builder) so gets messy, then take it for a run or to the pool, and never have any troubles wit it.


I have a puffapouch! I've a pink one, it's great. I'm a nightmare for remembering to bring my keys and inhaler out with me, so if I have both stuck together it's not as easy for me to forget them! They can clip on to the thing for keys, then onto anything!

I Love mine!


I tend to keep my caterpillars, ladybirds and other assorted invertebrates in little film containers!

How was the caterpillar???


Botanist, ecologist etc


Keep the cap on your aerosol inhaler!


Porr caterpillar bet s/he was traumatised!


The only thing I have ever inhaled is fluff from my pocket still not very nice when it hits the back of your throat and end up with double the coughing fit I always seem to lose the lid of my salbutamol inhaler all the rest of my inhalers are acuhalers so dont need to worry bout lids on them lol xxxx


Thanks for all your suggestions and oh the caterpillar was fine!

Some great ideas and i have ordered a nice puffa pouch for myself which can attach to my keys and a camouflage one for himself, of course!


I do rather like the look of those Sports-halers! Ooooh and it's my birthday soon, too....Steee-eeeeve....!


I have a Sports-Haler and would highly recommend it. It keeps all the nasty things out of my inhaler!


I would, but I've had my bank card hidden and my money box raided and the contents hidden. Apparently spending 50quid in a day isn't a good thing :S


were can you purchase these sporthalers???? xxxx


sportshalers can be purchsed online

follow this link (copy and paste it )

if it doesnt work message me and i will try it again

there is some rather nice ones its such a shame they are yet to invent anything pretty to store a turbohaler in =[



I ordered one, and it arrived this morning. It's really good. It came with a holder, and an attatchment so I can use it with my spacer. the mouthpiece will take some getting used to, as it's a lot smaller than the normal ventolin ones. First impressions are good tho!


My puffapouch arrived today (though I also noticed they now sell them in my local supermarket pharmacy). I think it will be good for swimming which was what I wanted and will save me money as I was having to re-pay to lock my locker everytime I needed my inhaler, and because it's tight around the top, I think it would also keep all but the tiniest caterpillars out!


elephant2001 - is that the sportshaler? The holder is great idea, I've not had any trouble using the inhaler with the mouthpiece, although I agree it is small, but you don't actually need to put in your mouth as much as you think, read the details on the makers site (australian). The spacer adaptor works, but I would advise you to have another inhaler for use with your spacer if you need to use it daily, and keep the sportshaler for out and about, as I think its a bit fiddly to keep attaching the adaptor.


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