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Fed up with all this Phlegm and Mucus, Please Help !!

Hi there

Since November 2008, i have been suffering from upper respiratory infections. Following my 4th visit to the doctors i have been prescribed yet more antibiotics... Doxycycline 100mg caps. I have refused today to take any more steroids, as i work in a nursery and we have chicken pox going around and have had for most of the year... I was on steroids 6 daily back in november for 5 days, then was on them for a whole month in december and for 2 weeks in january...I read in the steroids leaflet about avoiding contact with people with shingles or chicken pox...This is impossible when working in a nursery...

My sinuses are now infected, and i still have lots of phlegm in my throat...

Because i have high blood pressure i am not allowed to take decongestants, so have to rely on olbas oil and vicks, but none of these seem to be helping...also using menthol crystals, which offer relief for about 20 minutes to an hour.

Just wondering if anyone knows of any thing else i can take to clear this up...

The doctor today just says, it's been a really bad winter, and hopefully when the weather warms up i should see an improvement...who know's when that will be? Don't think i can wait that long...

Have heard about singulair tablets, do these help with excessive mucus production? Do i qualify to be prescribed them? I know you are not doctors or medically trained, just want advice really.

Is it worth mentioning when i go back to the doctors about singulair, or will they think i am telling them how to do their job.

Please help


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Hi ya,

Mucus and phlegm are a real problem for lots of people here.

I use a saline nasal rinse, either spray, neti pot or squeezy bottle. You can make your own or buy it from the chemist. This loosens everything up and washes out your sinus's so they don't grow even more bacteria. (many old posts on the boards about this)

I also use antihistamines when I have a cold as this stops everything going into reactive overdrive.

If you have asthma, allergy and sinus problems then it is possible that a steroid nasal spray could help as well... you should ask your doctor about this.

I am not sure that singulair will help, not everyone has a good result with it. You have to take it for at least a month before you know whether it is going to work or not...so it is never a instant cure.

Hope this helps, but be assured that many people here have the same sort of problems.




the neti pot or the modern version is the sinus rinse, neilmed.com which i use, but use ordinary sea salt now, and have had some really good results, keeps the sinus passages clear.

If you think singulair may be of benefit to you then do suggest it, and if not you should be told why not in your situation. I've suggested medications to my asthma nurse before and we've had a really go chat about them, and even agrees that if you show you know what you're talking about will take you seriously.


I found that avoiding dairy products helped me - it seems to make you produce more mucus. Obviously you have to ensure you get enough calcium from elsewhere so you should really chat to your doctor about it if you are going to try this route


I can heartily recommend using a neti potfor musuc in the nasal area and sinus cavities. After I've used it I feel like someone has breathed menthol into my head. I find my asthma is aggravated if I mouth-breathe, so being able breathe deeply through my nose is really helping me. Hope you get sorted soon.


yeh i avoided dairy by having less in my tea and putting rice or soya milk

in my cereal i find it really helps to have milk only occasionally and very little!

but it's a bit hard when you love chocolate as much as me!



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