has anyone been on this one .its a tab you take at night, i cant seem to get my asthma under control so nurse has prescribed this so far ive only taken it last night,but would be glad to hear from anyone that has used it or knows anyone that has,also ive had every preventer inhaler all colours shapes and sizes now nurse is talking about a red turbohaler cant remember the name ,i had stopped listening at this point,if anyone knows of it could you please give me some info ,thanks all so much anne

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  • Hi Pisces,

    I'm currently on Singulair for the same reason. I also use a red and white tubohaler called Symbicort, does that sound familiar?


  • hi christine thanks yes thats the one,at present im on seretide been on it for a few years now but it doesnt seem to work for me at all,i think the red one is the only one that i havent had,ive just done my p/flow and still cant get above 300,im hoping that the singulair will kick in soon and maybe then things will improve a little,do you feel like the simbicort works, anne

  • When I first went on to smbicort, it made a big difference. I was on the 200/6 (200 mcg of budesonide - preventer drug and 6 mcg of firmoterol - the long acting reliever drug) for a couple of years. I have been using the stronger 400/12 dose inhaler since early summer. I do seem to respond to this particular drug best. I am currently trying to get back down to the 200/6.

    How long have you been taking the Singulair? I've had it for a month and half. Did the doctor tell you it could take up to 3 weeks before you feel the full effect?

    take care


  • Hi,

    Singulair takes a month to really kick in and three months to work to its full potential. It is worth persevering to see if it will work. I have been on it since April. It took 3 months for my the reactions in my airways to dampen to a much safer level. They are just starting to buils up again now. A common side effect is headaches. Some people get them at first then it wears off others start getting them after 3 months or so on the drug. Hope that is helpful.

    Ange xx

  • Hi,

    I was on singulair for about 5ish months. It didn't work for me. i got really really tied on it and ended up having to be taken off it as it caused me medical problems. nothing seriouse but as it wasn't making a big diffrence it was best to take me off it.

    I have been off it for just over 1 month and am feeling much better now. I am going out and being me again!

  • thanks everyone for your replys,i wasnt told how long it could take to work so its nice to know,i have had a bad head all day today but ive got a sore neck at the moment(muscular probs) so im not sure if thats why ive got headache will have to wait till neck gets better but i will give the singulair time and see if it does any good, at the moment im willing to try anything as i still cant get above 275/300 no matter how much of my inhalers i take, night time just now is very bad,wheezing, coughing sore chest with all the coughing, poor hubby has to put up with a freezing cold room as i cant sleep witth my window closed, again thanks for being here to answer my questions, anne

  • Singulair is one of them funny drugs that either works or dosnt there is not in between im afraid, and as said before it does take a while to kick in so if you can put up with a few side effects to get good long term benefits its worth it? Singulair rarely works in severe asthma but im sure your gp has some confidence that could help you or they wouldnt have prescribed it.

    Good luck, hope it helps

    love andrea xxx

  • ive been on singulair for about 4 months,

    i cant say that it has helped alot,i havent woke up as many times in the night as i did when i wasnt on it,

    but ive heard that it can work good on some people and not so good on others,

    i hope it works out well for you

    mel xxxxxx

  • Singulair worked really well for me and sorted out my rhinitis as well . I had most peculiar dreams for the first few weeks but they went away as I got used to it.

  • singulair has really worked well for me. only real prob i ahve is really itchy legs with it, but antihistamines are keeping that under control. Kepe with it for about a month and then you can see if it's working or not. Hope it does

    Cal x

  • SIngulair

    Hi There

    I was put on Singulair approx 18 months ago and lasted about 1 week on it. It really didn't agree with me and within days I had abdominal pains and felt that it changed my personality - my poor boyfriend put up with a lot that week! I have since read that can be a side effect. It seems that it has really worked for other people but my experience wasn't that great and if you feel the same then go back to your GP as it is worth trying many courses of action!

  • ive had my con's appointment and they said im doing better on the singulair,

    they looked to see if they could up th dose but said they cant,

    i never thought to ask if it as possible to have 5mg in the morning an 5mg at night and if it would work that way round or if it would make night times worse.

    luv mel xxxxx

  • Hi there

    I was reading your post and thought I should reply.

    My little girl used to take singulair at night. It didn't work very well for her at the time but when she was changed to seratide (the purple inhaler) they decided to try it again. The results were brilliant at night but she still suffered through the day. She now takes 4mg singulair in the morning and 5mg at night. Its improved her daytime symptoms now too. It might be worth asking your consif you can have it both in the morning and at night.


  • singulair

    hi all

    sorry i havent been on for a while, ive not been doing too well,thanks for all your replys,some really good info,the singulair seems to be helping a little at night at least im managing to get a few more hours sleep before i wake the house with my coughing and spluttering,the day time is really something else,i cant seem to get any respite during the day at all,i was walking in the shopping centre with my husband and son on friday and when i was walking couldnt talk and vice versa,this is really becoming more of a problem even at home if im doing housework i have to stop to talk and sit down ,even when im on the phone i used to be able to make a coffee and prepare dinner while chatting now i have to sit down as i cant walk and talk at the same time,i must admit this is much to the amusement of my sons (4) as im usually a non stop talker, as you have seen with me rambling on, anyway thanks for the info i will ask about getting the singulair for daytime use aswell,take care every one and breath easy, anne

  • Hi,

    How are you doing?

    Think you should go see ure asthma nurse/con/gp!


  • singulair

    hi seana

    i think im doing ok apart from tonight one of my boys left the fry pan on and i walked into the kitchen just as it was starting to smoke i thought my lungs were going to explode,hubby took me outside while the rest of my boys opened windows and cleared the house,but im a stubborn female dog and didnt want to go to hospital so hubby is not happy with me but ive got an appointment with gp tomorow so will get myself checked out then,im feeling tired now due to the amount of ventolin i took so will have an early night and let you know how i get on tomorow thanks for your concern breath easy anne

  • its a good tablet, and i found it very helpful, esp with night time breathing. keep it going!

  • update

    hi everyone

    just an update on singulair,ive been on it 3 weeks now and also changed to symbicort and i got 375 on my p/flow im so happy ive never got above 300 before its brilliant,im getting a better sleep at night and so are my family without me waking them all with my incesant coughing,on the down side though im still using ventolin during the day but not as much (so its not really a down side) this weather doesnt help as the weather be it cold or warm is a trigger for me,but i just wanted to let you know that the singulair is doing its job ,i hope it stays that way,thank you all for all your advice and replys, anne

  • Singulair is the mutts nuts - I have nothing else to say on the matter.

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