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I have recently started Xolair and am now 6 weeks in to the trial. I was wondering at what point other people began to notice a difference and what sort of differences they noticed. I am just curious as I haven't noticed a huge difference in the number of exacerbations yet, but those which I have experienced have been slightly less severe than usual. The reason I am asking is because my consultant doesn't believe that this can be due to the Xolair already and I was wondering what other people's experiences had been.

On a separate note does any one else get a splitting headache the evening after their XOlair injection?

Thanks for any help



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Hi Emma,

I was on xolair for almost a year. I started to feel benefits around 8-12 weeks however my peak flows improved around 6 weeks. My asthma nurse said to me that it prob started working earlier but diddn't notice as it could have been little improvements. I too got really bad headaches from them which could last the whole of the next day. But I did feel so much better for being on xiolair. My cons stopped it as I had a few hdu/itu admissions in a row so he diddn't think the xolair was working as well as it had been. I now feel I am back to square one. Am seeing him on Wed so will ask if I can go back on it.

Hope this helps. PM me if you want to know anything else

Carolyn x


I have had Xolair treatment for about 20 weeks. I found that my peak flow slowlyincreased around week 6. My peak flow has been unstable since then. After discussions with hospital we have altered my drugs regime to dampen this instability which appears to be working.

I get very tired about 2-3 day after the injection.


Thank you so much for the replies. It's helpful to know other people's experiences. I was beginning to get despondent thinking it wasnt working. But I figure any little improvement is good- the only thing that annoys me is that I still don't sleep through the whole night :(. I am hoping I show enough improvement to be able to get off the dreaded pred!



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