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When is my asthma going to start improving and get back under-control again

I have been taking 400mg Clenil modulite for over 3 months know in total and for the past 6 weekish I have also been taking 50mg Salmeterol and today my peak-flow has dropped from 360 right down to 300. My normal peak-flow is anywhere between 430-450 and today I can hardly breathe. I have already taken my Salbutamol which is also 400mg twice and the first time took 1000mg in total to even touch and easy the attack. I was meet to have been seeing the doctor on Tuesday next week for my next fortnight review but I have brought that appointment forward to 4:10 this afternoon. I just hope he can help more today as I can't continue like this any longer. I feel like someone has stuck a belt around my Diaphanme and is pulling it tighter and tighter and the pain in the back of my rib cage is like someone is stabbing me everytime I breathe in. Is this really what it i like to have brittle asthma? I don't even know what my triggers are anymore other than everything and anything.

OK enough moaning and complaining. Hope everyone is well and having a better time of things know the weather is improving.

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sorry to hear you're still struggling. The obvious choice would be to double the clenil dose and see how that works. Also do it in the following, two puffs ventolin, then wait 10-15 mins before taking your salmetrol, followed by the clenil. If you left out the ventolin, then it would be wise to leave an hour between the salmeterol and clenil to give the salmeterol time to work, but the ventolin would negate that time gap.

Personally I'd ask to swap to fluticasone over clenil, the particles are smaller and hopefully go deeper into the lungs.


I would say get an appointment to see your GP sooner please! Tell them exactly how you feel.

Maybe ask for a referral to a consultant.



Woody-sam I can only take another 100mg on the clenil moduliate as I am only allowed to take 500mg twice a day as a maximum dose. I can't take the flixotide had it years ago and I had an allergic reaction to it. I might ask to try it again though and have the clenil on stand-by just in-case I react badly again

The doctor could only see me at 4:10 as they are not in surgery until this afternoon. Stupid doctors have 2 surgeries to run and seem to spend most of their time at their other surgery. Thankfully little one is being so easy to entertain today. We are on the third watching of his sisters care-bears DVD. I have never known of a boy to like care-bears like my little pumpkin but as long as it is keeping him entertained and happy I don't care.

Plumie I will most defo be asking for a referal to a consultant. I haven't been this bad ever. The last time my asthma went this pants they put me on the combined inhaler and that fixed the problem. I am wondering if due to have asthma for over 16 years know weither I am one of the unfortunate ones and it is transfering to that COPD already or weither I have got really bad scaring on my lungs because fo the amount of chest infections I have had that have been what my doctor likes to call 2nd degree and 3rd degree chest infections


the total max daily dose for clenil is 2000mcg


Well doctor I saw today was amazing and very understanding. He explained that my maximum dose in a day is only 1000mg clenil due to my height so I have to have maximum doses based on a child. Made me laugh being compared to a child but I guess that is what I get for being short. I am only just above the height of being classed as a dwarf which is also the first time I have been informed of this too. So he wants me to stay on 400mg Clenil and 50mg Salmeterol twices a day and also to take 400mg Salbutamol every 4 hours for the next 5 days then go back to taking it as and when required and as of tonight I am know also on 10mg at night of Singulair. Got to go back in 3 weeks or before then if needed and at that next appointment he will have the referal forms to a consultant at my local hospital and details of the consultant I will be under. I also have to have an asthma review every 3 weeks until I get the appointment through for the consultant and I also have to get yet another form for DLA. He also put me on nebuliser as soon as I walked into the room s he was not happy with the way I was breathing.

Just taken the first of the singulair and it tastes horrid. It got stuck in my throat. I am so bad at taking tablets I might end up asking if it is possible to have the 5mg chewable tablets instead I am just going to have to see how I get on with the ones I have at the moment and discuss the issue with the doctor again when I see him next


The normal adult max dose of clenil *is* 2000mcg daily, but it's not a dose that would usually be used at this stage in asthma treatment before other meds are added in to try to gain better control of the asthma - such as the singulair confused's now on. Whilst inhaled steroids are generally very safe and free from side effects, once you get over around 1,200mcg you start running into possible side effect territory in longer term use. So it's usually preferable to add in something else rather than ramping up the steroid dose.

Hope the Singulair is going to do the trick, confused.


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