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Anyone got an omron compressor nebuliser

My old workhorse nebuliser has gone to the great nebuliser heaven and I need a replacement ASAP I have a little omron U22 and its served me very well for 7 years and I have found their customer care excellent, I have somewhere got a Pari mobile S which is a great neb apart from one small problem. I appear to have lost/misplaced it (??) I am considering an omron C30 as I can run it off the car battery has any got any experience of the omron compressor nebulisers if so what is you opinion, any feedback would be most welcome.

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I ahve a c30. It is great a little slower than my old workhorse portaneb but it too went to neb heaven!!! I ahve no complaints about the c30 and would recomend it. I got it from evergreen and they as always ahve been great with help and supplies etc.

Olive x


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