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inhaler question


saw the asthma nurse today for my son, regular check up etc. he is still having slight problems with c oughing and wheezing at night and is wheezy after running about at school.

we are moving his singulair tablet from bedtime to the morning to see if this helps with school.

IF NOT, she is going to issue another inhaler - it began with ""A"" and be taken 4times a day.

does anyone know what this inhlaer could be as i cant remember what she said.

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Atrovent can be taken 4 times a day, and is an inhaler, but is generally used for more severe asthma/COPD. Not saying this is inappropriate for your son, but your doctor could have meant a different inhaler! Though this is the only one that springs to mind.

Emz x



thanks for reply. not sure that was the name she said. he is going to be taking it as well as his blue and purple for a short time, if things dont improve.

i will have to ask her next week.


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