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Pari Mobile Boy neb issues


I know some people here have had issues with the battery.

Not battery, but the tubing on mine last night, where it goes to the connector to the unit, snapped clean off!

Evergreens are replacing tubing. It is only 11 months old....... anyone else had this issue?

I have never had tubing snap! Made neb unusable as it is a male connector .......... no spare.

Was scrapping around at midnight to find old Freeway faithfull. fortunately I have a few nebs around at home....


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Kate, you're not the first, my partners neb tube has done the same fairly recently on her pariboy mobile s, as a temporary fix the tube will push into the neb. I've noticed the tube seems to get rather stiff as it ages and I mean 12 months.


i know this doesnt really help, but it sounds as if the tubes are made of something similar to the tubing that hearing aid users connect the earmould to the hearing aid. (i used to work as the clerk for the audiology clinic at my local NHS hospital). the tubing did become brittle and less clear over time. most patients would have new moulds done every year (as our ear shape changes over time), at the same time the tubing would be replaced. this would improve their ability to hear with the issued aid.

now as i said this had nothing to do with nebulisers, but i wonder if your local resp clinic would be able to supply you with spare tubing? lots of people out there using nebs or home oxygen and there must be some way to get tubing? i know that here if we supply home oxygen we supply all of the equipment, and the district nurses go in to replenish and help replace tubing if the client cant for reasons of ill health. hmmmm ring the resp clinic? or ring the hospital and ask to speak to the supplies/procurement section? or ring community stores?

hope you can get some new tubing for your usual nebuliser soon, as i would guess its always preferable to use the best machine for the job!

take care xx ><>



I have new tubing from Evergreens - they posted some the same day.

Hospitals will only provide tubing for the general nebulisers that they issue - basic portanebs or Medix mains ones - the Pari is a more specialised nebuliser compressor with bestoke tubing. I probably wouldn't be able to get any consumables from Resp or hosp that work on the Pari. The connector end is a male end and fits into a hole rather than a spike on a lot of neb units.

Yes, I did find it worked when I poked the broken end in to the hole so something to remember in future.

I think it was the heat that degraded it and made it slightly brittle at this point.

Thanks all!



Had exactly the same problem. Was a new nebuliser first time it happened & has happened 3 more times. Evergreens have been excellent & sent replacements but it keeps on happening. T

I try to let the area cool down & touch it as little as possible until the connector is cold. Been very disappointed as brought this to replace a Omron which wasn't meant to be used for steroid nebs. Haven't found a better solution but interested as was told at the time no one else had reported problems. Let me know if you make any progress.


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