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Post plaster leg care


I have been liberated from being in plaster for 3 month and my leg is really manky with dried skin and a bit sore!

I have had a gentle wash and exfoliate with Diprobase, skin coming off in chunks! Yuck!

Any advice on restoring skin on leg please? I daren't go near it with the razor yet ( Bit hairy too!)

Would wet wrapping overnight be a good idea with lots of dipro or should I just leave it to dry off and only wet it in the bath etc?

Ta very much,

A much relieved Kate


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Hey! - Im so happy for you that you are at last free of your cast!

When I broke my arm I had a cast on ot for four weeks and it turned it gross, so I do feel sorry for you after three months! The nurse told me when I had mine removed to have a bath then apply baby oil only for the first 24 hours, then to use moisturisor. So perhaps leave off the wet wrap till tommorow? Hopefully some one else will know better tho! xxx


Something I found helped Kate, was just getting the shower head and running warm water over my leg. It was soothing and helped keep it moist. Then moisturising it with dipro/aqueous. You do have sympathy! I know it's not nice!


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