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Asthma Levels

I was just wondering if there was a rough guide to asthma levels. I know there is mild, moderate but what are after this? Are there any official titles after those two? I know there is brittle but are there any inbetween?

I myself wouldn't describe my self as mild or moderate because i use a nebuilser for daily maintance but not sure what to call my asthma apart from just asthma which can be quite misleading as it is more than blue inhaler asthma. Hope that makes sense and just to clarify i am not looking for exact medical information just for terminlogy.


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Might this be helpful?


So there is mild, moderate, severe and brittle asthma levels.


I'm described as severe by my consultant if that helps. My GP has described me as brittle in correspondence with the hospital so I've been a bit confused, but I think I'll go with my consultant's description. It makes most sense to me.


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