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differnt types of inhalers

i have asthma for all my life but for the first time i seem to be finding my self struggling with my inhalers, i have the puffer ones that i press down and have had them for years, i just cant seem to use it right to get the medicines in, dont know why i am finding it hard now. what other types of inhalers are out there?

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For your reliever you can get easy breathe inhalers which you just start breathing and it releases the medicine, for your preventers you can get turbohalers which you twist to get the powder ready then breathe in. Have you got a spacer you can use? I find It Helpful to start breathing in slowly before I press the button and then I'm ready! I don't know if there are other types but these are the ones I have


yes i have a spacer and stil does not work, doctors not been helpful but doin soon as struggling to breath as is making me feel all weak


When I had trouble breathing I counldn`t use my inhaler, the kind you have to take a sharp breath in but now I have both the preventer and reliever aerosol inhalers which work much better for me because they squirt the dose in



i have over 7 diffrent medications for my asthma


i have 3, i went to the asthma nurse to see if there was any more that would calm my asthma down and she did nothing, not even doctor has done nothing, i am going next week and hoping my support worker will help me as most none conditions are being controlled, was same with last doctor, dont know why i keep getting treated like this and no one will do anything, if nothing is not done by next week i will have to change doctors yet again to one further away


I had a similar issue a few weeks ago, with a standard ventolin inhaler. I was using loads more than I usually would and felt they were empty when they weren't, I did run out a couple of times so it maybe me rather than the inhalers (think I may've got a bit paranoid!). I've switched to an accuhaler, which has a metered dose so I know when its empty. Thats worked well for me although I've heard they can be difficult for some to use?

Also, I think there are a few people out there with doctors who don't seem to listen. Your not on your own there. The advice I've had is to call the helpline here.

I hope things improve for you :)


i have 3 inhalers (ventolin, atrovent, symbicort).

2 neb solutions, (ventolin and atrovent)

3 Tablets (pred, singulair and bambec)

as well as my psych meds and bone protection.



If you want to know about different types of inhalers there are plenty to choose from.

For your reliver you can have either a MDI (aerosol) or a DPI (dry powder)

The MDI that I know about are:

-The regular Ventolin, Salbutamol or Salamol 'Puffer' Style inhalers

-The easi-breathe inhaler (you just take a breathe and it puffs for you)

-The autohaler (similar to easi-breathe)

Some DPI inhalers Include:

- Ventolin Accuhaler (looks a bit like a flying saucer! Has a useful dose counter too, you just push the lever then take your breath whenever you are ready)

- Bricanyl Turbohaler (looks a bit like a space rocket and also has a dose counter. You twist the bottom and then take a breath when you are ready, this inhaler doesnt have salbutamol in it, it has a different reliever medicine in)

-Easi-haler (Has a dose counter, just click the top then take a breath when you are ready.)

Most of these inhalers also come in preventer form too if you need it. Your doctor should let you have a look at them so you can decide which is best for you. If you dont like one then try another because everyone gets on with different inhalers and it is important to find one that works for you.

Asthma Uk have a page called 'how to use your inhaler' which you could look at to see what each inhaler is like. asthma.org.uk/using_your_in... l (just remove the space before the l)

Hope this helps



I had a similar problem a few weeks ago. Looking back I don't think it was my inhaler technique but out of control asthma. Also, I've been using a lot more ventolin than I've used in years and managed to run out a couple of times. After a couple of other things started being thrown into me (seretide, singulair), I switched to an accuhaler which has a dose counter. This has made me feel a lot more comfortable.

Getting someone to check your technique won't hurt and might make you feel more confident about it all?

Good luck


Of course, if its out of control and the GP can't see you then A&E is always open.

I hope things calm down for you soon.


you could speak with the pharmacist where you regularly get your prescription dispensed & I'm sure they could show you all the products available?


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